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Letter to Residents and Family Members Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Letter to Residents and Family Members Regarding Visitation Restrictions

About 'The Continuum of Care'

For decades a growing problem has confronted healthcare facilities: The need for rehabilitation, long term care and community outreach was growing faster than most facilities' ability to expand their level of service. Leading healthcare providers began searching for new ways to meet the vital needs of their communities, rehab patients and long term care residents.

In 1975, the facility just north of Boston that today is Advocate Healthcare of East Boston became a pioneer in the field of adult day healthcare by establishing the Adult Day Health Center on the fourth floor of its building located in the Orient Heights section of East Boston. Here, we deliver an important component of "the continuum of care" to members of the community from a spectacular vantage point above Boston Harbor and the city's skyline.

The philosophy of the Adult Day Health Program is centered on providing an alternative to institutional care and to delay, for as long as possible, placement of members of the community into a nursing home. In many situations, due to the multi-faceted care provided through the Adult Day Health Program, the need for aging community members to be placed into a nursing home has been forestalled completely.

The initiative here at Advocate Healthcare of East Boston in reacting to the need for care with a creative and innovative solution like the Adult Day Health Center speaks volumes about our commitment to the Greater Boston community and our dedication to providing the best level of quality care possible.

"Where care inspires innovation and improves quality of life."

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