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Letter to Residents and Family Members Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Letter to Residents and Family Members Regarding Visitation Restrictions

Long Term Care

Advocate Healthcare of East Boston provides care for all residents’ special needs. Quality medical care is combined with special programs and amenities to enhance the quality of life of each resident. Our home-like environment extends to the kitchen where our very own chefs prepare delicious food, served in an elegant restaurant-style atmosphere.

Every day in the lives of our rehabilitation patients and long term care residents matters deeply to each member of our best-in-class Nursing Staff and Support Services team. Maintaining and improving quality of life takes planning, preparation, and execution in following five key strategies that contribute to quality of life:

  • Look for signs of depression, isolation and withdrawal, and develop tactics to overcome these challenges
  • Focus on communication with our patients and residents, ensuring them that they are cared about by our staff, that that we believe they have much to offer to others
  • Encourage them to participate in physical activities appropriate for their condition; help them perform up to their optimal level
  • Stimulate them with mental activity, including games and procedures they can follow—and help them understand positive results
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to keep them "connected"—to other patients and residents, to our staff, and—for those who participate in our Adult Day Health Center—in the community

Residents have the freedom to eat in their rooms if they choose, though most enjoy the warmth and companionship of our spacious dining room. Our therapy department offers ongoing programs that help rehabilitation patients return to a normal lifestyle after injury or hospitalization, and assure maintenance of the highest possible level of functioning.

Our consistent regimen of up-beat, colorful and entertaining activities is designed to address each of these strategies. With depression today affecting an estimated 65 million American senior citizens, it is at or near the top of the list of signs we look for and work hard to counter. We understand that the causes of depression can be many, from adverse reaction to medication to some type of significant loss (a spouse, a home, the ability to drive a car) or even the act of retiring after a long career.

Everybody wants to feel needed and wanted—and nobody wants to be a burden. For many seniors that by itself can be a big challenge if they have a chronic illness or physical disabilities. We strive to challenge each member of our population at levels that are appropriate for their abilities. More important, we take time to point out their successes as a means of reflecting back to them the value they can provide.

Our trend-setting and highly successful Adult Day Health Center is a key component of our structured services designed to keep seniors who currently live in the outside community active and engaged, connected with family and friends, and involved with hobbies or volunteerism.

"Where care inspires innovation and improves quality of life."

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